Francesco Restaurant: Try the Squid Ink Risotto with Aji Amarillo Sauce

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Photos by Carina Ost
Black and yellow. Black and yellow.
Located on a quiet street in Coral Gables, Francesco Restaurant is known for its pristine Peruvian dishes. It has outposts in two other countries: Peru and Argentina. And in Lima, it's an institution.

If you want to try a beautiful dish, try Francesco's squid ink risotto with shrimp and ají amarillo sauce ($35).

The al dente risotto is perfectly cooked -- stirred continuously until reaching a creamy consistency. Atop the black ink-infused rice rests a yellow chili sauce that adds spice and color. Finished with shrimp, it's a decadent and exotic meal.

Sure, you might get black ink on your teeth and tongue. But it's worth it. (Which is why we asked ourselves: Why isn't more food black and yellow?)

Carina Ost
White tiradito.
If you prefer lighter seafood dishes, order the tiradito Francesco ($16). It features fine cuts of fish topped with white ceviche sauce.

How is this dish different from ceviche? Tiradito lacks onions, and its fish is sliced differently. We tried the corvina -- and it was as fresh as can be.

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Francesco Restaurant

325 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables, FL

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This is by far and beyond a reasonable doubt the absolute best "under the radar" restaurant in Miami-Dade.  I have been there at least 5 times over the years and it has never ever disappointed.  YET, you never hear about it in the blogs or on best of lists or anything like that. I love Eating House and Swine and a bunch of the new places….But Francesco's has quietly been getting it done for years…….

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