Gabose, Best Korean Restaurant in South Florida, Looking to Open in Miami

Fred Kim, co-owner of Gabose
Korean cuisine is all about the heat.

"If a soup's not bubbling, then it's not fresh," explains Fred Kim, co-owner of the fabled Korean barbecue restaurant Gabose in Lauderhill. "I've probably generated some scar tissue on my tongue. We have a high tolerance to really hot liquid. It tastes better to us."

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At his 13-year-old family-owned restaurant, which is the subject of this week's review, soups are served in hot pots. Raw beef is self-cooked over scorching charcoal pits.

Gabose is among the few restaurants who permit this activity indoors. And there's a reason why they're so scarce.

"It's pretty hard to obtain the permit. It's really expensive. You need hoods, permits, and insurance. That's a major deterrent," he explains.

Other Korean barbecue restaurants settle for gas or electric grills. But before you deride them, know this: the same thing happens overseas. "In Korea, there's lots of propane, too. But in the United States it's much more common," he says.

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The restaurant also distinguishes itself by making everything from scratch -- even the kimchi. Their dedication pays off. On most nights, Gabose is packed with customers.

So do they have plans to open in Miami-Dade county? "It's something we've been considering for a while, but this place has gotten busier and busier," he says. "When we're able to carry out two, we'll do it. We're looking at locations in Sunny Isles, Aventura, and North Miami."

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Gabose Restaurant

4491 N. University Drive, Lauderhill, FL

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Kellie Sin
Kellie Sin

I'm loving all the coverage Gabose is getting this month. Fred and Susan deserve the attention. Great place, great owners! Would be great to see them expand further south.

Marie Delage
Marie Delage

Rome Cagnina we have something to do besides Kanye concert over my visit during Thanksgiving


As one of 5 Koreans that lives in Miami Beach, for the love of god, please please open a Gabose here!! There are so many "Asian-fusion-gastropub-sushi" restaurants here that try to serve kimchi on their menus and none of them come close to being authentic or remotely flavorful.  

Sadie Wells
Sadie Wells

OMG!!!!!!!!!! If they open in Miami I will be there every day. I drive there every time I'm home sick for some home cooking kind of food....

Nicole Ashly
Nicole Ashly

After reading the article yesterday I'm happy to say that I will be heading that way next Sunday for my birthday dinner. So stoked!

Bob Newman
Bob Newman

Great place.....we drive all the way from South Beach...... I would love a Miami Beach Location.

Kristy Quiros
Kristy Quiros

Stephanie Glass Patrick Lunn Carlos C. Acosta :)

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