Miami Residents Sue Anheuser-Busch Claiming Deceptive Advertisement

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Two Miami residents have filed a lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch claiming false advertisement.

Lady J. Suarez and Gustavo E. Oliva say that the mega-brewery has violated the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. The lawsuit, filed last month, claims A-B's Kirin beer is deceptively advertised as being imported from Japan.

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On its label, Kirin beer reads: "Brewed under Kirin's strict supervision by Anheuser-Busch, Los Angeles, CA and Williamsburg, VA."

The plaintiffs claim this is inadequate, because consumers can't see it unless the bottle is removed from its packaging.

Suarez and Oliva say that consumers are willing to pay a higher price for imported beer, which is typically made with high-quality ingredients and centuries-old brewing practices. Furthermore, this confusion extends to bars and retailers, who charge more for the beer based on these assertions.

"As a result of these unfair and deceptive practices, the defendant has collected millions of dollars from the sale of Kirin beer that it would not have otherwise earned," says the lawsuit. "Plaintiffs paid money for a product that is not what it claims to be or what they bargained for."

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All of this is based upon perception and even opinion. There is no guarantee that the brewed in Japan version vs brewed by AB in California has ingredients from either location that is superior to the other. Japan is an isolated island and recently had a nuclear power plant disaster. Anyone that thinks that their ingredients are superior might be thankful that the beer is brewed with the finest & freshest ingredients here in the USA ? What Japan might be brewing, might very well be as tainted as anything else that was adversely effected by that nuclear power plant disaster ? I can understand the plaintiffs demands for authenticity though. If anything, this smells & tastes like a class action lawsuit when it involves perhaps a few dollars more per marketed package spread out over a nation of consumers. What, a single beer is priced a little more than a domestic, a 6 pack, 12 pack even a case of Kirin as much as a few dollars more ? Not sure anyone buys this by the keg as tapped draft beer like some places serve Guiness ?


Is nothing sacred? Now I wonder about Asahi and Sapporo

Sebastian Dominguez
Sebastian Dominguez

Yes I knew it was brewed in North America but I thought it was brewed in Canada ?

Jeffrey Knight
Jeffrey Knight

Why complain? It makes fresher beer the closer the brewery is to market.

Heather Rogerson
Heather Rogerson

No way!!! PF Changs always offers Kirin as an Import from Japan! I get it there! I had no clue I bet their servers are clueless to! Very deceptive

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