Miami's Ten Best Hidden Gems

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Jacob Katel
Lunch in a Japanese market, anyone?
These places aren't made for out-of-towners.

They're made for Miamians. And that's why we keep them a secret. We take our family, perhaps a friend or a date. But that's it. We don't want these places disrupted by rowdy crowds.

What follows are the top ten hidden gems in Miami.

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Emily Codik
All of this for 17 bucks.
10. Bali Café
At this downtown cash-only restaurant, you can indulge in delicious, inexpensive Indonesian fare. There are shrimp dumplings coated in peanut sauce; deep-fried egg rolls stuffed with chicken and cabbage; and por ayam -- chicken legs cooked in spiced coconut milk. Bali Café's best deal is its rijsttafel, an elaborate six-course tasting menu that costs only $17.45. Try the sambal goreng teri kacang, a spicy blend of anchovies, peanuts, and chili sauce. It is delicious.

Zachary Fagenson
Come for the hummus. Stay for the sabich.
9. Etzel Itzik Deli
Etzel Itzik Deli in Aventura just might be the best Israeli spot in town. For breakfast, they serve shakshouka -- eggs poached in a fiery tomato sauce. For lunch, they've got hummus, labneh, and sandwiches crammed with egg, pickled mango, eggplant, and tahini called sabich. They're all great, but who are we kidding? Are you obsessed with the cookbook Jerusalem? Then you must go to Etzel Itzik and try the real deal.

Location Info

La Latina

3509 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Bali Cafe

109 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Sawaddee Thai-Sushi

6968 Bay Drive, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

La Camaronera Fish Market

1952 W. Flagler St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Etzel Itzik Deli

18757 W. Dixie Highway, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant


5555 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

L.C. Roti Shop

19505 NW 2nd Ave., Miami Gardens, FL

Category: Restaurant

Sushi Deli

1412 79th St. Causeway, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Viva Mexico

542 SW 12th Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Dirk DeSouza
Dirk DeSouza

I absolutely agree with many of these. Nice work, Emily!

Michael Angelo Gedek
Michael Angelo Gedek

Diana Guillen we need to do the BsAs Bakery and the little Mexican place on 8th st, and 12th ave!

Brandi Laffey
Brandi Laffey

I really didn't want anyone to know about four of these restaurants. Damn you, Miami New Times! Damn you...


pretty good ones.   Fiorito and Sushi Deli are really awesome.

and yes, La Camaronera, can't be considered a hidden gem anymore.


viva mexico, formerly "con sabor a meixco", is the best spot for tacos anywhere in miami. try the tongue; they use pork instead of beef (which is what you find in every other mexican place). its the real authentic stuff, too: no cheese, no sour cream - just meat, cilantro, onions, and salsa.

Joe Perez
Joe Perez

and boy iz Miami food scene Hyped by mediocre recommendations

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