Yardbird Southern Table & Bar's Clayton Miller on The View (Video)

50 Eggs
Clayton Miller makes the ladies of The View swoon.
It was a longer trip than most Yardbirds ever make, but the Miami Beach restaurant's chef Clayton Miller flew to New York City recently to compete in the New York City Wine and Food Festival's Chicken Coupe.

The "coupe" was hosted at Chelsea Piers by comedian/television host Whoopi Goldberg and featured more than 20 of the country's finest fried chicken dishes -- with champagne, of course.

Flying up to the Big Apple paid off big time for Yardbird Southern Table & Bar and Clay Miller, because the SoBe spot's chicken on a biscuit shared first place with Brooklyn-based Peaches Hothouse's fried chicken with chow chow.

Yardbird's Clayton Miller and Peaches Hothouse's Craig Samuels joined Whoopi and the ladies on The View yesterday to give them a taste of their winning birds.

Jenny McCarthy loved chef Miller's chicken and biscuits, even though she provided us with a little "TMI" to go with her meal, disclosing she was, "PMS'ing and in heaven right now". Barbara Walters was classier, saying that chef Samuels' recipe resulted in the most moist and tender chicken she'd ever had.

Watch the gals of The View scarf up some chicken here:

Yardbird is also in the news, recently announcing -- or really, confirming an opening at the Palazzo, in the same hotel as Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali and Thomas Keller's restaurants.

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Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

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Just heard John Kunkel fired or layed off several key personnel at Yardbird and Swine. What is it with this guy?

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