Yuga Restaurant in Coral Gables Offers Great Vegetarian Fare

All photos by Hannah Sentenac
There's no food term more cliched than "hidden gem." I'm over it and so is everyone else. But sometimes, the shoe just fits. And I can't help but put Coral Gables' Yuga in this particular category. It fits the bill all the way around.

It's not for lack of press that they've remained so unassuming. Hell, in the past they've nabbed Miami New Times' Best Japanese Restaurant and Best Pan-Asian awards. Yet this little Coral Gables spot remains completely underrated and often overlooked by Miamians in general.

Their loss.

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Szechuan eggplant
Luckily, that also means this peaceful oasis isn't overrun with obnoxious tourists or trend-following foodies. Instead, it's a serene spot for those who appreciate creative cooking, quality ingredients, and unsurpassed service. It's pleasant, quiet, and seriously scrumptious.

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A trip to Yuga on a recent weeknight found the usual peace and quiet. Although the restaurant boasts a lengthy menu, I find it hard to resist their vegetarian sushi. They have a whopping seven creative meat-free selections -- a rarity when most sushi joints offer an avocado roll, if I'm lucky.

The avocado crunch roll ($7) is a favorite -- featuring wonton crisps, cream cheese, and cucumber topped with avocado and mango sauce. So is the green wonton ($7) -- with asparagus, wonton crisps, spinach, cream cheese, and orange-mustard sauce. The tropical ($5) is a big winner too -- full of mango, cilantro, cucumber, and red bell pepper.

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357 Alcazar Ave., Coral Gables, FL

Category: Restaurant

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