Ten Food-Related Christmas Gifts for Beginner Cooks

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Via KitchenAid.com
We're almost to the point when shopping for presents becomes a mad, desperate scramble to find something for the people left on your list. But there's nothing lamer than giving (or getting) a pointless gift you'll never use. Remember the fruitcake gag? Gag us.

So to make your life a little easier, here's a list of ten food-related, easy-to-find gifts that people will find useful, particularly cooking newbies and those in need of a little extra assistance. Anyway, who couldn't use help in the kitchen?

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Via BedBathandBeyond.com
10. Ninja blender.
Not many people have the cash to spring for a Vita-Mix. Seriously, $300+ for something that smushes your food? But at $99.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, the Ninja is a steal in comparison, and it's almost just as good. God knows someone you know could stand to eat a few more green smoothies and a few fewer McDonald's breakfasts.

Via Target.com
9. Slow cooker.
Slow cookers are a kitchen cure-all. Busy moms, broke students, and gourmet chefs alike are into these hot little meal makers. They're inexpensive (Target has one for $29.99), they're easy to use, and they're the ultimate in kitchen convenience. Always a gift win.

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