Bobby's Burger Palace Opens Friday: Meet Bobby With Our Contest UPDATED

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Meet Bobby Flay this Friday!
Celebrity chef Bobby Flay will open his Bobby's Burger Palace at Dadeland Mall this Friday, December 6, and one Short Order reader will have the opportunity to be the first person to walk through the doors when the restaurant opens -- and will be personally greeted by the Food Network personality himself.

Bobby's Burger Palace opens at noon Friday, and Flay invites one lucky fan to be the first person through the doors. That person will get to meet him and sneak a quick pic before being escorted to a prime seat where he/she will enjoy a free lunch of a burger, fries, and a shake.

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Want to be the first kid on the block to eat at Bobby's Burger Palace in Dadeland Mall? Just tell us why you want to win in the comment field. Maybe you love burgers, or perhaps you flip for Flay. Let us know (and be creative).

We'll announce a winner Wednesday afternoon. Be sure to include an email address or Twitter handle so we can contact you if you win, and make sure you can be at Bobby's Burger Palace this Friday, December 6, no later than 11:45 a.m.

Good luck!

UPDATED: Congrats to Jessica Hallman (Sunshinemama) who won our contest! Jessica, not only will you get to finally eat that burger that you missed out on -- you'll get to meet Bobby Flay in person!

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Dadeland Mall

7535 N. Kendall Drive, Kendall, FL

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At last year's Sobe WFF Burger Bash

Bobby's burgers, made with medium-cooked meat

Were sadly something this then-pregnant mama

Could not safely eat.

What a great second chance this would be

To try a burger that I’ll savor

And even better,  to meet the man

Who wows us all with his flavor

In all seriousness, Bobby Flay is by far the best Food Network chef and personality. He is interesting to watch, has fantastic recipes infused with that Bobby Flay flair to take them up a notch, and seems like a genuinely nice guy. It would be an honor to meet him, check out his new restaurant, and enjoy a burger and fries!



To put it simply, I LOVE burgers and Bobby Flay. It would be an honor to meet him and enjoy a meal at the Burger Palace. Either way, I plan on being there on opening day!


on how I feel about Roberto + his burgers coming to town:

I abhor Dadeland Mall
Off a building I'd rather fall

Lame grub
Lame stuff
Just plain not good enough

But alas, hooray here comes Flay!
Ready to flip without delay

Put away your ham croquets
Bobby brings unprocessed meat to save the day
You heard right, no need to hit replay
Flay burgers to save the day!


True story -- I was on a flight with Bobby Flay (he was in 1st class and I of course, wasn't), we were on our way to Miami, and the flight attendants guarded him so I wasn't able to meet my culinary hero! I'd flip for Flay, but that's whole other story. Either way, I'm looking forward to trying out his new burger place even if i don't win. And I live by Aventura, it's that serious. (Twitter @JoseResendez)  


Bobby has always been an inspiration of mine. He fuses different cuisines and uses the best ingredients to make traditional dishes come alive. As a local farmer, I appreciate how he often goes out of his way to use local products to give flavor in his cuisine.

Jessica Nusbaum
Jessica Nusbaum

I would like to have a crunchified burger on Friday :). (Not sure why I'm having trouble posting a comment on the article)

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