How to Host a Gingerbread House Decorating Party

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Photo by Hannah Sentenac
Like a too-heavy topper on a wobbly Christmas tree, a holiday party can be the final touch that sends you crashing to the floor. Most of us are just one too many ornaments away from the nuthouse this time of year.

But done right, parties can be tons of fun and (relatively) stress-free.

On that note, here's a fool-proof how-to for hosting a gingerbread house decorating party. And by gingerbread, we mean graham crackers. And by house, we mean questionable structures. And by party, we mean gathering of pseudo-adults who enjoy eating candy and playing with toys.

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Photo by Stephanie Glass
Stock up on supplies.
This means any and all kinds of candy, plus the obvious boxes of graham crackers and ingredients for icing. Good candy/decor options include:

  • Peanuts (as bricks)
  • Rock candy
  • Peppermint swirls
  • Gumdrops
  • Gummy bears and other animals
  • Pretzel sticks (trees, logs)
  • Sprinkles of various colors, shapes, textures
  • Chex or Frosted Mini Wheats (tiles, roofs)

Also -- knives and mini spatulas -- anything good for spreading.

Hint: Buy enough candy so it also serves as an appetizer. People will nosh on this shit anyway, so you might as well be prepared.

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