Lokal Burgers and Beer to Open Kush in Wynwood

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Courtesy of Matt Kuscher
Kush: A playground for craft beer lovers.
In Miami, art and beer are becoming inseparable. It's not difficult to spot this fact in Wynwood, which is seeing the birth of two more breweries and now the opening of Kush, a restaurant from the people behind Miami Brew Bus andLokal Burgers & Beer in Coconut Grove.

The new Wynwood restaurant, located at 2003 N. Miami Ave., picks up where Lokal leaves off. It will expand the territory of the craft beer scene and maintain the gourmet burger tradition.

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The menu will consist of only ten to 15 items. Lokal owner Matt Kuscher says the menu will be about 50/50, with half imported from the Coconut Grove restaurant and the other half unique to the new location, and that there will be no table service.

The name of the new place comes from Kuscher, whose nickname is "Kush." Lokal manager David Rodriguez and fiancée CiCi Barmon went in with Kuscher for combined ownership of the new restaurant.

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Rodriguez is in charge of the craft beer program at Kush, which will be more extensive than the one at Lokal. The bar will feature a continuous rotation of 18 taps of craft beers from all over the state and particularly those in the neighborhood.

Nitro taps and cask ales are to be standard operating procedure. There will also be a small selection of fine wines. No liquor will be served.

It will also be a hub for craft beer-centric events such as Randall nights and rare keg tappings. One of the more unique aspects that beer snobs will appreciate is Kush's bottle-conditioning program, where special-release bottles are aged for several years.

Kush will be very "art forward," Kuscher says. A touch of street artistry added to the aesthetic of the restaurant will feature works from local artists Gwiz and Camilo Rojas. Located near the edge of Overtown, Kush is hoping to bridge the two neighborhoods.

There will be no bad beer there, Kuscher explains. Their motto is "Good beer ain't cheap, and cheap beer ain't good."

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Ernie Torres
Ernie Torres

Let me guess, another over rated, over priced, burger joint that doesn't live up to any of the hype? Like we need more of that in Miami...

David Detweiler
David Detweiler

LOL...They wish. Unless of course John Morgan wins this uphill battle. :)

Al Newman
Al Newman

Lokal is a creole word, not English.

Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

Will they be serving any Kush?? That would be awesome

Katie Ann
Katie Ann

same people as Lokal YUM! Colleen Muldoon

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