Miami's Ten Best Holiday Cocktails

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Brother Jimmy's BBQ
Toast to Santa with these cocktails.
Christmas is in the air. Sure, it's 80 degrees out, but Miamians are making an effort to bring the North Pole to their backyard with palm trees covered in lights, Santa in Ray-Bans, and spicy cocktails that beg to be savored.

These libations, made by some of the best mixologists in Miami, are the epitome of Christmas in a glass. Choose a drink, raise it high, and toast to friends, family, and finding the perfect present waiting for you under the tree.

Courtesy Meat Market

10. Meat Market's Thai Peanut Brittle

The name doesn't exactly shout Christmas, but the flavors do. Stoli Vanilla, Castries Peanut Crème, and Domaine de Canton give the cocktail sweet creaminess, while basil and jalapeño add a little spice, reminiscent of a holiday cookie. The Thai Peanut Brittle is available through the holidays for $14.

Courtesy SushiSamba
9. SushiSamba's Holiday Flip
The flip is a classic cocktail made famous in the 1800s, when it was touted as a more modern alternative to eggnog. On December 24 and 25, SushiSamba is offering its take on the holiday flip for $13. Made with pisco, aged port, maple syrup, chocolate bitters, and egg, this frothy libation is the perfect celebratory drink if you're craving a Dickens-style Christmas.

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Meat Market

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956 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL

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Sandra Rodriguez
Sandra Rodriguez

Catherine Gutierrez "best part of the holidays? Getting drunk, of course" lol

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Peter Traini

...And showing everyone how stupid/clumsey you are at that moment and they'll remember how embarrassing you can get

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