Mrs. LeBron James Opens the Juice Spot: Celeb Sightings Galore (Photos)

All photos courtesy David Alexander
LeBron James poses for a photo in front of the Juice Spot.
They say that behind every great man stands a great woman, and such is the case with NBA star LeBron James and his wife, Savannah James.

Mrs. James recently opened the Juice Spot, a cold-pressed juice bar in Brickell that specializes in nutrient-dense juices, smoothies, and light bites. If opening week is any indication of what's to come (think eager juice junkies and Heat fans standing in line since 5 a.m. to get a taste) her first entrepreneurial venture is set to succeed.

Together with her business partner and personal trainer, David Alexander, she curated the Juice Spot's menu after researching countless recipes and visiting juice bars in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

To add artistic flavor to the space, she enlisted the talents of Ian Ross, a San Francisco-based artist who created a massive bright-green mural using his signature, graffiti-like technique.

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Since last week's opening, the place has been packed with celebs such as Angela Simmons, Jonathan Cheban, and Gabrielle Union, and Heat players like Norris Cole.

Jonathan Cheban and Savannah James at the Juice Spot.

Gabrielle Union tastes a trio of smoothies and enjoys Chef B's signature açaí bowl.
Short Order spoke with Savannah James about the juice biz, starting a new business, and the importance of nutrition.

Short Order: What prompted you to get into the cold-pressed juice business?
Savannah James: When I began preparing for my wedding, my main focus was my nutrition. Incorporating juices into my diet was something that helped me achieve my goals and continues to keep me on track.

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The Juice Spot

1800 SW First Ave., South Miami, FL

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I give it a year.  I'd have said 6 months  but Brons $ will delay the end

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