Ten Awesome Food Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

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Photos by Laine Doss
Trim the tree with booze and pizza...
You've picked out your tree and set it up, but there are a few bare spots that need something. Instead of the usual elves and reindeer, decorate your tree with what you love best: food and booze.

We were recently at Target and found the most awesome selection of food- and drink-related holiday ornaments. And we're not talking the usual cupcakes and candy canes. These trimmings are pretty clever -- and all under ten bucks!

Take a look at what we found. Just be sure to leave a note for Santa that his treats are under the tree as usual, because these baubles are so yummy-looking he might be tempted to pick them off the tree!

10. Pickle
In Germany, people hide a pickle ornament deep in the branches of their family tree. In the morning, it's said that the first child who finds the ornament gets an extra present from Saint Nicholas, and the first adult to spot the pickle will receive good luck for a year. It's sort of the original Elf on the Shelf -- only much more sour. Why risk not having good luck for a year when this pickle is so cute -- and only $3?

9. Pizza
Everyone loves pizza, so it's surprising we don't decorate our trees more often with pepperoni slices and substitute shredded cheese for tinsel. Until we figure out a way for the scent of fresh pine to mask the odor of meat, we'll settle on this glass pizza slice. We especially love how the glitter shimmers, simulating the pool of oil on a real slice ($5).

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