Trader Joe's Christmas: Ten Last-Minute Items To Make Your Holiday Merry

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All photos by Laine Doss
Minty Mallows. $2.99 at Trader Joe's.
The countdown to Christmas is here and we're not sure about you, but we're way behind on our shopping, not to mention planning the Christmas party. We have no time to bake cookies from scratch and prepare a holiday ham.

That's why we're thanking our lucky stars for Trader Joe's. The shelves are stocked with easy-to-prepare Christmas goodies like pre-roasted chestnuts, sugar cookie mix, and eggnog ice cream. Instead of stressing, visit Trader Joe's, pick up these ten items, and have yourself a stress-free Christmas.

Trader Joe's is open Christmas Eve from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The store is closed on Christmas Day.

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10. Glitter Tree
These adorable little live trees are pre-decorated with glitter for an instant tabletop decoration. Afterward, plant the little guy in your backyard ($4.99).

9. Spiced Cider
The holidays aren't official without warm cider. Heat up straight from the bottle or spike with a little rum or bourbon for an instant holiday classic ($2.99).

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Kemberley Chase
Kemberley Chase

Thank you Trader Joe's for coming to Florida, waiting with unbridled passion for the Delray location!!! Happy Holidays or whatever.

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