Batch Gastropub Opens: We Get a First Bite

Photos by Laine Doss
Batch Gastropub opens in Brickell.
After years of envisioning an authentic gastropub in Miami, partners Kevin Danilo and Jerry Flynn have opened Batch Gastropub in Brickell.

The duo has been planning this venture for a half-decade and working on the space for nearly a year, building bars from scratch, installing a wood-burning oven, and enlisting the help of Michael Reidt to create the menu along with chefs Adrian Talavera and Pablo Zitzmann.

Speaking of the menu, think bar food with sophisticated twists. Mac 'n' cheese is made with gnocchi and aged Gruyère; pizzas are topped with short rib and pumpkin; and nachos are slathered with duck confit instead of ground beef. In addition to a large selection of beers, there are cocktails on tap -- small-batch margaritas, slings, and Collins, as well as house-made sodas and carbonated cocktails.

Short Order was invited to sample some food and beverage offerings. Here's what we had:

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A trio of small plates includes blistered Padron chilies with Florida Keys sea salt ($12); chili-glazed chicken wings with blue cheese espuma ($10); and fresh ceviche.

Location Info

Batch Gastropub

50 SW 12th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Allan Baldwin
Allan Baldwin

Miami New Times, been really loving the new eats profile y’all have been posting today. Thanks!

Ace Greene
Ace Greene

Batch Gastro sounds like rich bubble-guts.

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