Blackbrick: It's Cold Outside -- Go for the Wonton Soup, Stay for the Bourbon Trifle

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Photos by Laine Doss
Time for soup.
It's cold, cold, cold today. And though South Florida doesn't have the frost that the rest of the country is getting, there certainly is a nip in the air. This kind of weather calls for soup.

Wonton soup from Blackbrick, Richard Hales' new midtown Chinese restaurant, to be exact.

Open just about a month, the restaurant is fast becoming a favorite among fans of good Chinese, as well as an industry hangout for chefs to let off steam after a long evening's shift. (Blackbrick is open until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights.)

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Unlike the standard Chinese restaurant fare, the shrimp in these egg rolls are plump and succulent instead of small and dry. The pumpkin sweet-and-sour sauce adds dimension to run-of-the-mill duck sauce. Pumpkin purée and pie spices are slow-cooked in a wok to achieve the results ($6).

The wonton soup is a meal in itself and exactly what I wanted on a chilly day. A brimming bowl of broth is filled with house-made noodles, four shrimp wontons, and slices of pork; then it's all topped with crunchy fried noodles ($9). The stock, made from rabbit bones and vegetables, is a rich canvas for the other flavors in the soup. If food could give you a hug, this one would.

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3451 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL

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Peter Nova
Peter Nova

This place has really disappointing reviews on yelp which is a shame cause I expected more from the same folks behind Sakaya :-/

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