Guy Fieri Visits Sakaya Kitchen, Dubs Richard Hales the "Ninja of Flavortown"

Courtesy Richard Hales
The mayor of Flavortown meets the ninja.
Guy Fieri, the platinum-spiked-haired mayor of Flavortown, rolled into Miami to film a few segments for his Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives TV show.

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Latin House Burger & Taco Bar via Facebook
Guy Fieri gets some mad love at Latin House Burger & Taco Bar.
Word has it that Fieri visited a few restaurants, including Whisk Gourmet, Latin House Burger & Taco Bar, The Federal Food Drink & Provisions, Blue Collar, and Sakaya Kitchen.

Some people might scoff at the Food Network celebrity for his love of comfort food and brash ways (including the New York Times' Pete Wells, whose review of Guy's American Kitchen & Bar will go down in the history of food writing as the snarkiest piece of criticism), but there's no denying Fieri wields major influence on mainstream America -- you know, the people who actually go out to eat at the diners, drive-ins, and dives his TV show spotlights.

So when Sakaya Kitchen's Richard Hales got a call from producers to appear on the show, he was eager for the opportunity.

Location Info

El Bajareque Bar

278 NW 36th St., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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Evelyn Hsia
Evelyn Hsia

Funny. Jenn just sent me the link. We've been to Blue Collar and Sakaya Kitchen. The food is so good!!!!

Gayle Laper Denney
Gayle Laper Denney

Evelyn Hsia- next time you're here, let's go with Jenn Xtrastrengthbayer. How many Guy Fieri places have we been to together so far? We need to start keeping track. I'd say at least 6, right?

Sam Heywood
Sam Heywood

Love Richard and Sakaya. Glad Guy rep'd the place. Guy is still an incredible Nickleback-on-a-flaming-Harley level douche.

James Kendall
James Kendall

I love Guy Fieri's deep fried lard lumps with extra bacon sauce! He is not a fat stupid tool!

Deana Gutierrez
Deana Gutierrez

Ha, as you just asked me about this place the other day, Arg.

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