Hogfish Might Be Your New Favorite Local Fish

Courtesy Hogfish Bar & Grill
Fresh seafood -- including hogfish -- at Hogfish Bar & Grill on Stock Island
Have you tried hogfish? The local catch tastes sweeter than grouper, is flakier than dolphin, and is as rich as scallops.

"It's the perfect fish -- not firm or tough. It just melts in your mouth," says Rebecca Franks,
owner of Fish Fish Restaurant Bar & Market in North Miami and an Islamorada resident.

Indeed, hogfish would be perfect -- if only catching it were easier. On clear days, divers spear Lachnolaimus maximus off coral reefs. But during bad weather, spearing becomes impossible.

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"When it's blowing 30 to 40 knots, a diver can't go into the water and get a hogfish," says
Bobby Mongelli, who has owned Hogfish Bar & Grill on Stock Island for 12 years.

So restaurants score hogfish from another source. During lobster and crab season, it is caught in traps, and fishermen gain some valuable bycatch.

If you get a hogfish craving in Miami, try it at Fish Fish. There, chef Oscar Quezada scores the flesh, seasons it in flour, and deep-fries it until it's golden and crisp. Topped with scallions, diced tomatoes, and Key lime butter sauce, it may just turn hogfish into your favorite local catch.

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Diet consists mainly of mollusks, but also consumes crabs and sea urchins.

Alex Cue
Alex Cue

This is a South FL secret. Only the locals know of this delicious treat.

Christian Wells
Christian Wells

Then it's time to rename it. "Hogfish" is gag-inducing...

Luis Ricardo Lopez
Luis Ricardo Lopez

Best tasting fish in the sea if you ask me it any other fisherman. Can catch with live crab or spear fishing them. That's shy they are so expensive.

Mari Gallet
Mari Gallet

Way to ruin my secret life of hogfish adoration by telling every other person in Miami!

Clemente Morales
Clemente Morales

I've had it almond crusted, and it's incredible. Too bad they'll probably start charging a zillion dollars for it.

Alexander Fernandez
Alexander Fernandez

That's the best whole fried fish on the world....shhhh Having one now at Caot . Jim's as we speak

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