Jugofresh: Now Open in Wynwood (Photos)

Emily Codik
Jugofresh's Texicano salad ($13.50)
Remember Beyonce's controversial "Beysus" Instagram? During a recent visit to Miami, Mrs. Carter hopped onto Jugofresh's Wynwood counter and snapped a photo in front of an Andy Warhol-inspired 'Last Supper' mural.

And then the Internet exploded.

"It's been controversial for Beyonce, but it hasn't been controversial for Jugofresh," says owner Matthew Sherman.

The shop launched for Art Basel, closed temporarily, and is now officially open. Located in an airy nook in Wynwood Walls, the greenish space is decorated boldly with reclaimed church benches, camouflage wallpaper, and neat rows of wall fans. Jugofresh treated us to a few new menu items while we checked out the fresh digs.

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Emily Codik
Jugofresh's Indonesian almond kelp noodles ($10)
For months, the cold-pressed juice brand has been developing its food menu. In Wynwood, you can grab a quick readymade breakfast or lunch from the fridge.

There are pumpkin spice bowls with cashews, white buckwheat, pumpkin powder, and dates ($10); texicano salads with romaine, avocado, walnuts, cashews, and tomatoes ($13.50); Indonesian kelp noodles in a creamy spicy peanut sauce ($10); and cacao-kale granola ($8.50).

Certain bowls -- such as the acaí berry with brazil nut crumble and cacao nibs -- are made to order.

Gesi Schilling
Yep, that's where Beyonce sat.
But Sunset Harbour regulars might notice a gap in Wynwood's menu. Smoothies aren't available here.

Instead, there are "luv" shakes -- juices blended with vegan ice creams. Customers select a bottled juice -- such as the beet, pear, orange, tarragon, mint and lime variety ($9.50) -- from the fridge and then choose an ice cream base: almond-banana, coconut, or sunflower-hemp.

The result is a thick, creamy shake. "It allows customers to play with their juices. Some people like feeling fuller," explains Sherman.

Gesi Schilling
Back wall at Jugofresh in Wynwood
The Wynwood location just installed work tables, so folks can come by, pick up lunch, and then stay awhile.

And there's more to come. Inside the store, Sherman will install a glass walkway that connects NW 26th Street with Wynwood Walls. A new menu will roll out in February, featuring even more food and, eventually, tonics.

Until then, stop by the shop. Maybe if you buy enough juice, you can hop on the counter and snap a pic, too.

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