Outstanding in the Field Returns to Paradise Farms Next Week

Jeremy Fenske
Outstanding in the Field brings guests together for fresh, farm-grown meals in beautiful settings.
The farm-to-table movement hasn't lost steam, and that might be owed in part to Outstanding in the Field (OITF), an organization that turns the concept on its head with a table-to-farm approach.

Touring the country by hosting dinners on different farms, OITF calls itself "a roving culinary adventure." Dinners typically feature ingredients sourced from the farms and surrounding areas. OITF's goal is to reconnect diners with the origin of their food while honoring the local farmers who cultivate it.

Next Wednesday, January 15, the culinary adventure will return to South Florida when it makes a stop at Paradise Farms in Homestead.

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Host farmer Gabriele Marewski will offer her tropical organic fruits, vegetables, and spices, and guest chef Adrianne Calvo of Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar will prepare them.

Lyssa Goldberg
Salad of Paradise Farms' greens, radishes, rainbow carrots, and Florida avocados prepared by chef Richard Smith.
In fact, OITF's first stop in South Florida was at Paradise Farms in 2008, after Marewski approached the organization about working together.

"Gabriele contacted us prior to 2008 and had heard of us before and expressed an interested in wanting to host an event," says Leah Scafe, OITF's director. "We do a national tour every summer, and it's a little bit out of the way from, say, when we're up in Georgia."

OITF couldn't accommodate a South Florida detour at first; however, in the meantime, Marewski was already hosting her own version of dinners at the farm. Eight years ago, after reading an article about OITF in Food Arts magazine, she launched the popular Dinner in Paradise series with chef Michael Schwartz. He was also the guest chef at the first OITF dinner held at Paradise Farms.

"It was in October. It was a little bit buggy and muggy, so we didn't go back for a long time, until recently," Scafe says. "Then, in the past few years, we started doing these winter events."

Most recently, OITF has hosted winter dinners with farmer Hani Khouri of Hani's Mediterranean Organics in the Redland.

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