Pizza Pazza in Omni: We Get a First Bite

Photo courtesy of Pizza Pazza
Pizza Pazza, a Neapolitan-style pizzeria on 18th Street at Biscayne Boulevard, is just shy of celebrating its two-month anniversary, yet it already has repeat customers -- including ones straight from Naples, Italy.

We assumed they were locals after we witnessed a lively exchange of air kisses and hugs with chef/owner Salvatore Matuozzo, but he informed us they were tourists simply returning for more. Talk about bragging rights.

Naples-born Matuozzo got his hands dirty in some of New York's finest pizza joints, including Emporio. Most recently, he worked at Fratelli la Bufala in South Beach. Clearly pazza ("crazy" in Italian) for making affordable and authentic pizza, he decided it was time to venture out on his own.

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At his intimate restaurant in the Omni neighborhood, the walls are lined with vintage Italian movie posters, which add a homey vibe to the no-frills, industrial-style furnishings. After all, what's an Italian restaurant without at least one homage to Sophia Loren?

Short Order was treated to some bites at Pizza Pazza. Check out what we had:

Buried beneath fresh arugula, cherry tomatoes, and shaved manchego lays prosciutto wrapped in fontina cheese ($9). Named the San Daniele, this is a surprisingly light appetizer punctuated with balsamic glaze for a hint of sweetness.

Photo by Valeria Nekhim
The cartoccio ($10) is a pizza-like starter, also featuring a hidden treasure in the form of shiitake and chanterelle mushrooms mixed with a favorite of Matuozzo's -- fontina cheese. It's a comforting dish upgraded by black truffles.

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Pizza Pazza

275 NE 18 St, Miami, FL

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Millie Santana
Millie Santana

Manhattan Pizza Place in Hialeah - Best NY style Pizza ever! And their pasta dishes are just of this world!!!

Chris Anthony
Chris Anthony

It is all about the water, and Florida (anywhere here) just doesn't have it... I've tried them, no where close... those who know, just know

Vanessa Phelps
Vanessa Phelps

Of course Miami can make some good pizza Lean Cusine Deep Dish Pizza just pop it in the microwave.

Jacob Marek
Jacob Marek

There is one -- ONE! -- Chicago-style pizza joint in Miami. Such a fail. (If I am wrong, please correct me and tell me where I can find a good one).

Manny Diaz
Manny Diaz

There's no question Miami - most unfortunately - CANNOT do does many other things great - NOT pizza!

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