Trader Joe's Ten Best Vegan Products

Trader Joe's has everything. It seems like every trip to the new Pinecrest store yields some gleaming new goodie we can't imagine we ever lived without.

And much to our delight, even vegans have options at this ever-impressive chain. After the jump, check out ten of our favorite animal-product-free items.

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Photos by Hannah Sentenac
10. Cookie butter ($3.69)
Crushed up cookies you can spread on stuff. It's rich, cinnamony, and totally without redeeming nutritional value. Plus, it comes in crunchy or smooth. Win.

9. Soy creamy vanilla ice-cream sandwiches ($2.99)
Ice-cream sammies are a quintessential comfort food, and it's sad to have to say goodbye when you hop on the vegan train. Luckily, these little treats taste just like the real deal.

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Trader's Joe Soy ice cream should remove its "Vegan" label -- sure its diary free, but it is produced by Crystal Creamery, which is owned by Foster Farms. If many vegans eat for animal rights and welfare, it would certainly not help the cause to buy this ice cream. 

Justin Kindler
Justin Kindler

I might have to pick up the mandarin orange morsels today. Keep the tips up!

Mirely Maldonado
Mirely Maldonado

Enrique Merlano they might open one in Pembroke Pines later this year.

Gregory Lee
Gregory Lee

Hope you'll realise that was a joke... or at least an attempt at a joke...

Gregory Lee
Gregory Lee

I think if you'all don't like Vegans that's ok, But to say they 'bite' is all wrong... C'mon just 'cause they're from a different state don't mean Vegans are any less than the 'Las' es...LOL

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