A&G Burger Joint in Sweetwater: Try the Nica

Carina Ost
This is the Nica.
"You drove all the way to Sweetwater for a burger?" The answer is yes. And we'd do it again in an artery-clogged heartbeat.

After compiling a list of Miami's Five Most Outrageous Burgers, we were told that A&G's Burger Joint was "outta hand." We headed over and our hands, mouth and stomach runnethed (ran?) over.

Carina Ost
This sign tells you what's up.
When you arrive at this eatery adjacent to FIU, a sign warns that you are about to escape reality. You are entering a place where pigs really do fly with pork, chicken and duck wings. The variety of fries range from truffle to chili cheese. Their buffalo fries even made our list of the most unusual fries in Miami, but it is really all about the burger and the beer here.

Carina Ost
Buffalo fries give you wings.
If one of the fifteen specialty burgers doesn't do it for you, you can B.Y.O.B (build your own burger). We went with the one that the server said is the most popular: the Nica burger ($13.50). This features a half pound of certified angus beef, a brick of queso frito, plantains, coleslaw, jalapeno cream and chimichurri on a buttered brioche bun. It is decadent and so over-the-top we could barely get our hands, let alone our mouth, around it. The hunk of fried cheese with the sweet softness of the plantains just worked beautifully.

Also, this place gets medium rare just right in their patties when requested. Anyone can see that these burgers are the star of the show, but at A&G they are served with fries and for $1 more, you can get specialty fries to accompany them.

Another fun thing about the menu is that each of the specialty burgers comes with a beer pairing suggestion. The Nica has a Holy Mackerel Panic Attack Belgium Strong brew to stand up to its richness.

If the Nica is too big for you, perhaps you can eat the offspring instead. Nica sliders ($8) comes with three 3 oz mini Nicas with all of the same glorious toppings. Yes, even the queso frito in mini-brick form.

Carina Ost
The interior.
We are already plotting our return to A&G. The food, the service and the space that allows for burger and beer lovers to unite are just so welcoming. If we were FIU students, we would definitely want our freshman fifteen to go to the grub at A&G. It is several grade levels ahead of your average burger and beer joint.

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A&G Burger Joint

646 SW 109th Ave., Miami, FL

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We went for lunch today and liked it alot.  They even had a 420 burger!  My burger was cooked perfectly, great beer selection, and great music.  I do agree with farios487, there are only a few parking spots and there really isn't anywhere else to park since it's kind of in a residential area but that won't stop me from coming back. 


the only thing that sucks is the miserable parking situation

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