Recall of Nearly Nine Million Pounds of Beef Could Affect Florida

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A massive beef recall could affect Florida.
A California-based meat processor has issued a recall of nearly nine million pounds of beef products, and Florida is one of the states involved.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website, Rancho Feeding Corporation, based in Petaluma, is recalling approximately 8,742,700 pounds of beef products from "diseased and unsound animals" that were distributed "without the benefit or full benefit of federal inspection."

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service announced, "The products are adulterated, because they are unsound, unwholesome, or otherwise unfit for human food and must be removed from commerce."

The recall is categorized as "Class I," which indicates "a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death."

Products recalled include beef carcasses and boxes bearing the establishment number "EST. 527" inside the USDA mark of inspection, with boxes bearing a case code number ending in "3" or "4." The products were produced January 1, 2013, through January 7, 2014, and shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments in California, Florida, Illinois, and Texas.

A Rancho Feeding Company spokesperson could not specify whether the company has any South Florida clients or whether the beef was supplied to any major restaurant chains or retailers. He did read from a company statement, saying, "Rancho Feeding Corporation is voluntarily recalling approximately 8,700,000 pounds of meat." He added that there is an ongoing internal investigation into the matter and that the products "may have entered commerce."

The following Rancho Feeding Corporation products were recalled:

  • "Beef Carcasses" (wholesale and custom sales)
  • 2 per box "Beef (Market) Heads" (retail only)
  • 4-gallons per box "Beef Blood" (wholesale only)
  • 20-lb. boxes of "Beef Oxtail"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Beef Cheeks"
  • 30-lb. boxes of " Beef Lips"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Beef Omasum"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Beef Tripas"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Mountain Oysters"
  • 30-lb. boxes of "Sweet Breads"
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of "Beef Liver"
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of "Beef Tripe"
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of "Beef Tongue"
  • 30- and 60-lb. boxes of "Veal Cuts"
  • 40-lb. boxes of "Veal Bones"
  • 50-lb. boxes of "Beef Feet"
  • 50-lb. boxes of "Beef Hearts"
  • 60-lb. boxes of "Veal Trim"

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Chgo Dave
Chgo Dave

nationwide that's a week old

frankd4 topcommenter

...............................who eats beef LIPs, CHEEKs, BLOOD, and HEADs anyway ?

Matt Kuscher
Matt Kuscher

Thats why you should buy local grass-fed beef, no recalls when you get fresh local beef!!

Miami New Times
Miami New Times

Eduardo, we asked. "A Rancho Feeding Company spokesperson could not specify whether the company has any South Florida clients, nor whether the beef is supplied to any major restaurant chains or retailers."

Donna Adams
Donna Adams

it's a class 1 recall, meaning that eating it could cause serious illness or death...that's 9 million lbs..that's crazy...vegan is nicer to animals but most food poisoning comes from fruit and vegetables

Kzm Ufc
Kzm Ufc

If an epidemic of the shits isn't going's a good sign.

Ari Diaz
Ari Diaz

poor animals that died for no reason!

dantevida topcommenter

@frankd4 you do if you eat hotdogs, cold cuts, sausages,  etc etc.


Isn't every living thing going to die, anyway?

frankd4 topcommenter

@dantevida @frankd4  

i thought the main ingredients in hot dogs were "slaughter house refuse" ................but i DO SEE you make a very good point

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