SOBEWFF: Barbecue, the Blues, and the Deens (Photos)

All photos by Carina Ost
The Deens: Claudia, Paula and Bobby
Bobby Deen played host at last night's BBQ & the Blues event at Eden Roc. However, it was his mother and "hero" that caused the most "hullabaloo."

All the meaty goodness prepared by top Miami chefs couldn't compete with the crowds or commotion caused when Paula Deen stepped into this hog heaven. Escorted by a bodyguard, she sampled barbecue and even grabbed a slab from chef Timon Balloo gripping it with two hands.

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When Bobby took the stage he thanked the local chefs, the band, and introduced his hullabaloo-raising hero. Paula Deen got on the stage and called the SOBEWFF a "love fest" and Lee Schrager a genius. She thanked everyone for their support and then mentioned her new "Venezuelan daughter-in-law." Claudia Deen joined them on stage. Paula took her time pronouncing Cl-auuu-d-ia. "It just rolls off the tongue." Paula then gave lots of details about the new couple. They were quietly married at her home this past summer. Claudia is Catholic and they will all be going to Panama City to do the religious ceremony soon. Paula is excited to do it all over again.

It felt like a press conference with strange details given, perhaps playing up to a Miami audience. Paula posed for some pictures and then was escorted back out by her bodyguard.

The barbecue consuming resumed.

Todd Erickson of Haven served one of the more unusual and best tasting plates. It was a Korean barbecue beef bun served with lotus root chips and a cucumber gooseberry slaw.

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Josi Denise
Josi Denise

Paula Deen...scrolling...mmm ribs....Paula Deen...scrolling...Hey I know him ;) Todd Erickson

J Jess Jessi Abalos
J Jess Jessi Abalos

I have emails to send to people. How dare they parade that f-cking racist porker around miami of all places

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