SOBEWFF Burger Bash 2014: Here's What You'll Be Eating

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Bobby Flay and Daniel Boulud.
The South Beach Wine & Food Festival's sold-out Burger Bash might just be the hottest ticket in town. After all, who wouldn't clamor for the opportunity to sample 31 burgers from some of the best chefs in the country?

The conundrum each year, however, is strategy. Most people tackle the "Bash" randomly, eating burgers as they go. We have a better idea...plan ahead. Remember the first time you went to Disney World? You took out a map and circled all the "can't miss" rides and attractions so you wouldn't miss a thing. Same strategy here, buddy. Only these attractions involve juicy beef between two buns.

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Luckily for you, Short Order has obtained a list of all the restaurants, along with the burger they'll be serving.

This Friday, February 21 at the party tents beachside near The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, we suggest hitting up the two big past Burger Bash Winners. Michael Symon's Fat Doug Burger, from his B Spot Restaurant In Cleveland, is topped with pastrami, coleslaw, Castello aged Havarti cheese, and stadium mustard and served with sweet and hot pickles. Symon, of course, has won three Burger Bash titles.

Then there's Josh Capon's appropriately named Bash Burger. The burger, which hails from Lure Fishbar in South Beach, has won three Burger Bash awards at the New York Wine & Food Festival. It's topped with caramelized onions and bacon jam, shaved pickles, American cheese, and secret sauce; then served with a side of salt and vinegar tator tots.

Then it's on to burgers from local favorites like OTC (Anaya-lata); Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering (Caramelized Onion Burger); and Tongue & Cheek (Dry Aged Beef Cheek Burger) before exploring offerings from Landmarc in New York City (the Murph-U-letta); Ramen Burger in Brooklyn (the Original Ramen Burger); and Good Stuff Eatery in Washington D.C. (Coletti's Smokehouse).

Start your game plan now:

South Beach Wine & Food Festival
The Burger Bash burgers in all their glory.
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OTC is one of the Fine establishments in South Florida that has Bone Lee's Hot Sauce :)

Jeffrey Knight
Jeffrey Knight

I'm planning on going to Chef Flay's new eatery in Dadeland sometime soon...Bobby's Burger Palace.

רחל כהן
רחל כהן

Bella Green Yeah, I want to go. Lets be out g-unit.

רחל כהן
רחל כהן

Bella Green burger bash with a side of coke? Lmao

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