SOBEWFF: Cooking Lunch with Katie Lee, Hoping For Some Billy Joel Stories

All photos by Carina Ost
Katie Lee, Lorenzo Boni and Jeff Mauro.
If you have to leave the beach for an event, you just hope it is at a place as beautiful as the Biltmore in Coral Gables. The tired and hungover folks tried their best to be dignified in such a beautiful place as we began with wine, cheese and chianti jam outside overlooking the golf course before being lead into a ballroom.

The lunch was interactive, meaning we did the cooking for our meal. Although this was way better than cooking at home and it should be, tickets were $150 per person. We were given chef hats, aprons, already cut and measured ingredients, chefs instructions, and someone else did the clean up. It is strange to go to an event with a chef and not taste any of the food. Your table mates are responsible for the success of the meal. We relaxed by drinking the flowing wines provided by Entwine.

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For the first course, we were tasked with making an asparagus, grape tomato and vermantino wine pasta dish over a ricotta-mascarpone cream using Barilla Gemelli pasta. We followed Barilla chef manager Lorenzo Boni through the steps.


Voila! It was a pretty simple recipe that felt light and healthy despite having a dollop of two kinds of cheese and olive olive hidden underneath delicious carbs.


For the second course, Katie Lee of The Kitchen walked us through her recipe for chicken with a mushroom and garlic gravy. The master of ceremonies was her co-host on the The Kitchen, Jeff Mauro. He was full of energy and walked through the dining room reporting back to Katie how people were doing. He even got people to chant, "Table 11 is the worst."


If that wasn't enough pressure, Next Iron Chef winner Marc Forgion walked in and gave us the "I'm watching you" look. He was hosting the interactive dinner later in the evening.

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Biltmore Hotel & Resort

1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables, FL

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