SOBEWFF: At Jeni Briton Splendid Ice Cream Affair, Chef Loses Her Voice, Ice Cream Speaks For Her

Photos by Carla Torres
After last night's Burger Bash and sodium overload, our sweet tooth was heavily aching. Faith (and smart planning) would have it that just as Burger Bash was ending, a Splendid Ice Cream Affair was commencing right across the street at the Gale's rooftop pool.

Hosted by award-winning cookbook author and ice cream marvel Jeni Britton Bauer, the sold-out event proved that Miami is a sweet after all.

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The rooftop pool was the perfect location for an event filled with nothing but sweet. Sugar enthusiasts and chefs filled the intimate and romantic space overlooking Miami Beach as they stood in the sundae bar line where they would create their own heavenly concoction.

Jeni Briton Bauer would have guided us through the process herself, but the chef lost her voice and couldn't make a peep, so her husband Charly Bauer took the cake ice cream for her. He explained the process to us. It was similar to an assembly line, you first selected your ice cream flavor.

Jeni's selected ice cream flavor for the night included dark chocolate, double-toasted coconut, key lime frozen yogurt and salty caramel.

Once you got past that tough decision, things got even tougher with the sauce. Yes, sauce. In this setting, sauce comes in the form of extra-bitter hot fudge, salty caramel fudge, macerated strawberries or tropical fruit salsa. Being that we're saucy, we had to try two variations (guests couldn't get more than one ice cream at a time, but they could comes back for seconds, thirds, fourths, and, you get the idea).

Then it was on to gravel - crumble topping for your ice cream. Salty graham, honey cornbread, chocolate blackout or powdered donut. Gravel is key to Jeni's ice ream concoctions, as it adds a nice layer of crunch to the coolness of the ice cream and sliminess of the sauce.

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The Gale Hotel

1690 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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