SOBEWFF: The Top Ten Unforgettable Moments From the Festival

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Can you name all the celebrity chefs?
The South Beach Wine & Food Festival is over for another year, and celebrity chefs from the Northeast are flying home for another Polar Vortex even as the giant party tents are being broken down. All that's left of the weekend is a slight hangover, a few goodie bags, and memories.

Here are our top ten unforgettable moments from this year's SoBe Fest. Have others? Share them with us!

Courtesy of Key Group Worldwide
10. Anne Burrell Is Hot for Virgins
When Anne Burrell took center stage for her cooking demo at the Grand Tasting Village, she acknowledged her love for virgins -- as in olive oil. While some debate the smoke point of various grades of oil and taste differences, Burrell's preference is cut and dried -- extra-virgin all the way: "There's no little bit virgin. You're either virgin or you're not." That's exactly what our our sex ed teacher was trying to tell us 15 years ago.

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Michael Symon and the big payoff.
9. Michael Symon Wins Burger Bash Again
Michael Symon is truly the darling of carnivores everywhere. After holding his own against some two dozen Sports Illustrated swimsuit models at The Q Thursday evening, Symon competed at Burger Bash. The chef and Chew cohost got back to basics, serving his Fat Doug Burger -- a beef patty with pastrami, Havarti cheese, coleslaw, and mustard -- in an attempt to reclaim his title as ground beef champion. That was, by the way, the burger that won Symon his first Burger Bash title.

The move paid off when Symon was declared the winner of the Amstel Light People's Choice Award for a fourth time. Symon takes home a big check and the knowledge that burger redemption is alive and well in Miami Beach.

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David Pitch
David Pitch

Very disappointed in the quality of the food, the exhibitors, the lines, the pettiness, Books and Crooks and what did Whole Foods offer this year besides chairs and tables?

James Bratek
James Bratek

Sammy Hagar deserves the #3 spot. Not sure about Paula Deen's future, she may have to quietly operate under the national radar like Martha Stewart. And nothing notable from Bourdain, Ripert, Boulud, Lagasse et al this year?

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