Five Wild Products to Try

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Faux meat is a standard on almost any store shelf -- even Publix -- but the stuff you'll find at your average supermarket is limited, to say the least. There isn't much beyond imitation chicken nuggets and veggie burgers. But at, you can find anything your little meatless heart desires.

We asked the site's founder, Steven Skaff, to name some on the wildest meat-like merchandise he's got for sale.

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Baconnaise ($5.24)
And you thought going pork-free meant foregoing all things bacon. Turns out this vegetarian, bacon-flavored mayo can make anything taste like your favorite breakfast meat, Skaff says. And no little piggies were hurt in the making of this product.

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Ham-Flavored Seasoning ($4.50)
Another porktastic product, sans porkers. This vegan seasoning can flavor soups, sauces, casseroles, you name it. "This all-natural, powdered, ham-flavored seasoning tastes like ham but contains no animal ingredients," Skaff adds.

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Louisville Vegan Jerky ($6.50)
"This smoky vegan/vegetarian jerky is made from the whole soy bean, smoked in real Kentucky bourbon barrels, and has the texture of meat jerky," Skaff says. Hell, you might even be able to fool your carnivorous friends.

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