The Food at the 2014 PGA Tour and Cadillac Championship

Carla Torres
The man: Tiger.
The Cadillac Championship and PGA Tour brought an influx of tourists to watch the world's best in golf play last week. It didn't matter whether you were a fan of golf -- there was entertainment for everyone who attended.

Featuring a Carolina Herrera fashion show, a concert by Gym Class Heroes frontman Travie McCoy, a food and wine department, and sightings of Donald Trump as he strolled around his newest property, this year's tournament was an entirely different experience.

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For the first time, the Cadillac Lounge was incorporated into the event. There, you could get a clear view of the third, 16th, and 19th holes from an air-conditioned, elevated permanent structure offering bottle service. The premise was to take a bit of South Beach to Doral, which was accomplished by bringing Joe's Stone Crab to the lounge. Sure, 25 large claws set you back $300 (same price at the restaurant), but watching Tiger Woods make a helluva shot out of a sand trap while dipping a claw into Joe's mustard sauce is unmatchable. If you wanted just five claws, those went for $60.

Other options in the lounge included Sushi Maki platters (a 70- or 90-piece assortment of rolls) and catering, although the catering seemed to be taking a bit long for those who ordered. For a fast, easy, and cool alternative, there was Giorgio Rapicavoli's Eating House tartare pop-up, where you could walk up and order.

Four savory options and two sweet were enough to satisfy the masses. We tried the tuna ($14) and hand-cut beef ($13) for the savory. Tuna highlighted nuoc cham, peanuts, cucumber, and ginger vinegar in its concoction, while the hand-cut beef was made decadent by black truffle and shallots.

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