Flavorish Market: Good as Trader Joe's on the Upper Eastside (Photos)

Photos by Carina Ost
Scoot on over.
The Upper Eastside has reason to celebrate (and picnic) with the addition of a new gourmet grocery store, Flavorish Market.

The store has been open for about a month, and it showcases the best of food, wine, cookbooks and, most important, Miami. Trader Joe's may play up the fun and affordable, while Marky's has the fancy and international, but Flavorish shines most with the offering of Zak the Baker bread and sandwiches, Chef Josie's PopNature ice pops, and Mimi's Ravioli. Aside from food, the market also organizes events such as winetastings, chef talks, and book signings.

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Beyond carefully curating offerings, the market also prepares its own fresh pesto pasta ($5), quiche, soups, dinner specials for takeout, and rice pudding.

Another highlight of the store is that it has a dedicated (and friendly) sommelier and cheese expert, Jenna, to help you through the not-so-hard decisions in life. She also leads winetastings that explore different regions. If you have a question about Humboldt Fog goat cheese or Russian River Pinot, she has the answer.



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Flavorish Market

7283 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Art Kunhardt
Art Kunhardt

no way! they barely have anything in there!

Denise De La Vega
Denise De La Vega

7-8 bucks for a loaf of bread? Nope. I will stick with Trader Joe's.

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