Sud Swap: Trade Beer at Gramps Tomorrow

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Courtesy of Matt Smith
Saugatuck Brewing Company Neapolitan Milk Stout: not sold in this market but will be available to try at Sud Swap March 22.
Receiving the much anticipated box of bottle share in the mail after several months of waiting last summer was a relief to Arwen Lehman, but when she pried it open, there was nothing but broken glass and spoiled beer. It was a beer trade gone bad.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Lehman, a member of the Craft Brewjas, and the fellows from Miami Beer Tour, will be on a panel to talk about the business of beer trading as part of an organized bottle trading event at Gramps on March 22 from 2 to 6 p.m.

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Possibly the first among many, Miami Beer Tour is bringing bottle trading out in the open for all interested, including novices who are not well-practiced in the business of trades.

"Sud Swap is open for anyone, from the beginner to the more experienced, to make trades and see how trading works," says Johnny Martin, one of the Tour members. "Organized bottle trades are good because they are in-person trading and you get a chance to meet other people in neighborhood. The only thing you're going run into with bigger swaps is people coming from out of town, but this one is a local event with local traders."

Miami artist La Mano Fria, another Tour member, will also be present to share his experiences in the business. During his travels as an artist, La Mano Fria developed an appreciation for fine beers from around the world. From Miami, he went to Tokyo where he formed Tokyo Beer Tour, which expanded her to be called Miami Beer Tour.

Matt Smith, an avid trader known as mattuntappd, says that the photo-sharing social media service is becoming more popular in the world of beer trading, even though forums like Beer Advocate still comprise about 75 percent of online trades.

Instagram is quickly becoming a more popular way to trade because of its ease. The intention is always to try and make dollar-for-dollar trades, says Smith.

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