I Know the Chef Mobile App Launches in Miami, We Know the Founder

Carina Ost
The man and his app.
Miami is a city with people who want to feel like ballers. For food enthusiasts, it is the magic four little words, "I know the chef" that unlocks the key for hard to get reservations and perhaps some sweet (or drinkable) perks.

To satisfy this desire for VIP access, and that "special feeling," the reservation and rewards app I Know the Chef was born a little over a year ago in New York City. Founder Joshua Stern was in Miami for a launch party on Tuesday night and we met up with him the next day for a media lunch at the Edge Steak & Bar to learn more about how the app came to be and why he chose Miami as the second city for the rollout.

The initial concept began at a sushi restaurant in New York. Stern was dining with a friend and knew the general manager, "He came over, chit-chatted with us, introduced himself to my friend and sent over shishito peppers and edamame on the house. My friend looked at me and said, 'That was awesome! I feel like a million bucks right now.' Really, that was his line. Even though these are small gestures, they go a really long way"

Now Stern has upwards of 14,000 users in New York. These personal touches, where good service becomes great, coupled with hard to get reservation at popular restaurants are his magic formula that he is bringing to the Magic City.

The restaurants see the advantages with the fact that "It combines an old school method with these gestures and the new age with the app and the website. The hospitality industry is all about relationship," said Stern.

Miami restaurants already featured on the mobile app are Katsuya, The Bazaar, Bianca, Catch Miami, Eating House, Lure Fishbar, The Federal, BLT Steak, Tongue & Cheek, and Lorenzo.

On Miami expectations, Stern noted, "Everyone seems really excited about it, I think it makes sense here. That's why we wanted to come here first."

If you have an iPhone you can simply download the app. For Android users, you aren't out of luck, just visit their website. When registering you get to personalize your profile with your preferences. After your preferred alcohol, seating and dessert choices are made you can enter any personal notes or dietary restriction. You then pick your reservation time slot and if it's not available you can request it.

Stern recommends that the restaurants provide a little something extra, whether it be a glass of champagne or a dessert on the house. Although it is up to the restaurant. He joked that one restaurant in New York was sending out so many complimentary appetizers that everyone was too full to eat their entrees.

Carina Ost
The sweet Edge.
Even though Edge Steak & Bar isn't on the app yet, our sweet factor grew imagining these cake pops on the house as the final note to a great meal on the patio for the edge on hospitality.

What does it cost for this baller status? The pricing ranges from $59.99 for a quarterly membership up to $399 for Elite status for a year. It includes access in Miami, New York and Chicago.

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Edge Steak & Bar

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How incredibly obnoxious.


The article doesn't explain how it works very well.  I was curious so I did a google search and found an article from the NYpost from last July. 

So, the restaurants are not paid directly.  They get nothing.  Why would they give away anything for free or have a manager greet the diners who buy this app?  It makes sense that a restaurant would want to fill up tables at certain times when they have availability, but why would they give preferential treatment to someone with this app over anyone else who wants to dine at a certain time.  

I had to chuckle when I read, "Stern recommends the the restaurants provide something extra...".  Uhhhh, why would they?  

Best of luck and all, but I cant fathom why restaurants would take this seriously, or why anyone would pay real money for the app.  That price is a lot and frankly from a business perspective this makes no sense.  


Congrats Josh!!

@Lou Ce Fur  what kind of name is that? Don't be such a hater.

Ryen David
Ryen David

Lou Ce Fur we should get Sholom Wahrhaftig on this right away

Lou Ce Fur
Lou Ce Fur

Douche bag apps for douche bags .... Ryen David

Carolina Yera
Carolina Yera

what if you literally already know the chefs?

Caro M
Caro M

Paula Echevarría Zamora Carolina Yera


@SusanSarandon  Hey Susan! We think the article does a clear and great job explaining how our app works! Without getting into too much detail regarding your post... If you're familiar with the restaurant industry, restaurants usually pay reservation services for reservations sent their way. We on the other hand, don't charge restaurants anything, instead we ask them to put that effort into making the dining experience for our members that much more special! Not to mention, our members who are joining our community to get that insider access are people who love to dine out at great restaurants and appreciate being treated with a little more VIP feel. And thats just the start! If you have any other concerns please feel free to email us at info@iknowthechef.com 


I Know The Chef Team

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