Michael Schwartz Announces Waterfront Restaurant and Beach Club at Paraiso Bay

Alberto Tamargo
Chef Michael Schwartz to open restaurant by the bay.
Chef Michael Schwartz and Jorge Perez, the CEO and Chariman of The Related Group, have just announced a collaboration for a waterfront restaurant and beach club at Paraiso Bay and One Paraiso.

Located in the East Edgewater neighborhood, this new collaboration is still in the early, early phases.

The restaurant still does not have a name or expected opening date, but look for Schwartz's signature approach to dining with fresh ingredients and solid food and drink.

Although a menu has not been worked yet, Schwartz and his team are already teasing potential condominium buyers with his cuisine at the project's Paraiso Bay Fridays at Edgewater events.

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Alberto Tamargo
Michael Schwartz teases with bites.

In a statement, Michael Schwartz said, "the Edgewater community is one of Miami's hidden gems. Paraiso Bay will bring something truly unique to the mainland and deserves a waterfront restaurant to match. We're going to do something really special here."

Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea and global architecture firm Arquitectonica are working on the project to design a cohesive and fluid indoor/outdoor space.

Jorge Perez said of the project, "we'll have Michael's incredible cuisine, gorgeous views of Biscayne Bay, a boutique beach club, all surrounded by Enea's landscaping, this is really going to be a paradise in Edgewater."

It looks like at least one Miami celebrity is already set to make Edgewater Miami's newest ultra-trendy neighborhood. Our music blog, Crossfade, has reported that David Guetta purchased an apartment at the complex.

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Location Info

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

130 NE 40th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Joseph Mazon
Joseph Mazon

Michael! this is a laughable!, "Paraiso Bay"? really? seriously? NO SUCH PLACE HAS EVER EXISTED in Miami Dade. Basically, this is a marketing ploy to gentrify Edgewater and Wynwood and eventually get rid of current residents ( who in any case will never be able to afford something renamed " Paraiso Bay" ) SMH, this is the latest attempt ( likely successful) in Miami Dade history to take something that doesn't make money and make it into El Dorado, another new " HOT" , " Trendy" area. :) I don't care if you do, but a little honesty would be nice. 25% of the people in Edgewater/Wynwood don't even speak English, perhaps you can hire them as dishwashers?

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