Miami's Ten Best Vegan Desserts

There are many misconceptions about vegans, one of which is that our diets are a mundane mix of raw vegetables, filtered water, and the occasional fruit. Fail. Vegans love a good dessert as much as the average carnivore -- we just opt out of the animal ingredients.

Luckily, there are more than a few ways to satisfy a sweets craving in Miami -- you've just gotta know where to look. From cookie delivery to homemade cupcakes to almond milk fro-yo, here are the top ten places to get vegan dessert in Miami.

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Peace a' Cake on Facebook
10. Muffins and brownies from Peace a' Cake
You can find these dreamy delights at Milam's Markets and Whole Foods in varieties such as brownie, chocolate almond cranberry, and double chocolate. Or, order online for an at-home fix.

9. Mini-cupcakes from House of V
This adorable little outpost in Miami Iron Side serves charming, moist little goodies to vegans and nonvegans alike. It's the perfect two-bite dessert to satisfy your after-lunch jonesing for sweets.

Location Info

Bunnie Cakes

2322 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Beehive Natural Foods Juice Bar

6490 Bird Road, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Choices Cafe

, Miami, FL

Category: General

Epicure Gourmet Market

4711 Le Jeune Road, Coral Gables, FL

Category: Restaurant

Iron Side Campus

7610 NE 4th Court Miami, FL, Miami, FL

Category: Film

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Worth a mention are the vegan red velvet cupcakes at Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin in North Miami Beach.

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Juan Lugo

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