Via Verdi Cucina Rustica Lends Italian Charm to the Upper Eastside

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Tortelli filled with Fontina and Taleggio cheese in a truffle parmesan sauce.
Outfitted in black suits without ties, Fabrizio Carro and Cristiano Vezzoli dart from table to table to inquire about their patrons' meals and to extol the virtues of various regional Italian dishes. As they maneuver between the restaurant's interior and the terrace, their tousled black curls and matching facial scruff render them virtually indistinguishable.

It's Saturday night, and the canopied exterior of Via Verdi Cucina Rustica is full. In the unadorned, candlelit space, elderly couples, 40-somethings with small children, and pretty young things appear at ease. They might as well be lounging in a friend's backyard. When either Fabrizio or Cristiano approaches their table with a cheery "buona sera," they sit up straighter and respond enthusiastically.

Fabrizio's twin brother, Nicola, is behind the scenes helming the kitchen. Clad in an apron and toque, the third partner pops out once during the night and then quickly vanishes. Both Carro boys are trained chefs, but when it came time to open their own place, Fabrizio decided he was better-suited for the front of the house.

"It's important to be able to communicate our passion to customers," he says after comparing the 3-month-old restaurant to an infant.

Like a newborn, it's the number one priority, he says. Thus, on any given night at Via Verdi, all three partners are present. It's no easy feat considering the 38-year-old twins maintain executive chef status at Quattro, a Northern Italian restaurant on Lincoln Road.

Indeed, it was that opportunity at Quattro that propelled them to leave their hometown of Alessandria, a city in Italy's Piedmont region, and immigrate to America. The restaurant's developer owned a vineyard nearby, and in 2005 he persuaded the Carros to take their extensive knowledge of the area's cuisine to South Beach.

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Via Verdi

6900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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Nomejodas Pleez
Nomejodas Pleez

Please MNT my city is like NO OTHER! Stop with the references to other city names!!! the east if not the beach then its downtown, overtown, brickell, lil havana, the rodes, wynwood, etc. they are all incorporated cities and when in doubt MIAMI is just fine!! KTB

Heather Rogerson
Heather Rogerson

Cary Gonzalez my ? Exactly since when do we have an upper east side ????

Cary Gonzalez
Cary Gonzalez

Ok I'll play...where exactly is Miami's "upper east side"?


From the map, it would be about a mile south of 79th St Causeway on Biscayne Blvd ?

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