Five Eco-Friendly Food Products to Try in Honor of Earth Day

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Seriously, the way we treat Mother Earth could easily be considered elderly abuse. We've pillaged her precious resources, choked her water with plastic crap, and changed her climate via cattle waste. Ugh.

But with Earth Day right around the corner, now is the time to show Mom we're not the worst offspring ever -- and we can do so with our stomachs. Check out this list of sustainable, eco-friendly food-related goodies that'll ease your conscience and please your palate.

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5. Bobble water bottle ($12.99)
Plastic water bottles are choking the ocean. But Bobble is the answer to our ridiculous obsession with throwaway crap. This bottle with a built-in filter is handy, cost-effective and environmentally awesome. And the caps come in pretty colors.

Courtesy of Primal Essence
4. Primal Essence herbal tea extract ($8.95)
Tea bags are so old school. And each one is another addition to our local landfill. This concentrated tea is made from raw, whole-plant extracts with phytonutrients and antioxidants, and one little bottle makes 30 to 40 servings. It comes in flavors such as classic chai, ginger zing, and peppermint splash. Two pumps into a hot or cold bevvie and you're set.

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