Asian Thai Kitchen: From Bangkok to a Grove Convenience Store

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Panang curry ($11) at Asian Thai Kitchen.
Homeless men mutter to themselves outside the Kwik Stop on Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove.

Yet tucked inside the convenience store, KT Mongkolthalang and her mother, Toya, stand behind a glass case stacked high with cans of Mae Ploy coconut milk and amber bottles of fish sauce while they toss pearly white strands of rice noodles in a sizzling woks.

While central Grove real estate and restaurants seem to founder, the mother-and-daughter team at Asian Thai Kitchen turns out fragrant bowls of noodles and rich coconut milk curries without even a place for patrons to sit.

Photo by Zachary Fagenson
Shrimp pad see-ew ($13)
After a first bite of a spicy, fragrant panang curry ($11), trying the rest of the options quickly tops to-do lists. The orange-red sauce is rich with the earthy, citrusy flavor of lemongrass and an earthy, not-to-sweet coconut milk.

The wide rice noodles of pad see-ew ($13) are coated with just the right amount of a smoky, salty, sweet dark soy sauce. The shrimp are perfectly cooked, and each bite sets off a full mouth burn that should come with most Thai meals.

"We have two kinds of spicy here," KT says with a laugh, "American spicy and Thai spicy."

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Asian Thai Kitchen

3135 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove, FL

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Kemp Elvis Anderson
Kemp Elvis Anderson

And best sandwiches are at Fly Buy convenience store on Bird Ave., a few blocks west of Flanigan's also in the Grove, best hot sandwiches in town!

Jennifer Ugarte
Jennifer Ugarte

Paty Damera Yanessa Escandell Rivera I wanna try this place!

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