Choices Vegan Kitchen Now Open Near the Airport

Photo courtesy of Lori Zito, Choices Kitchen
Miami's favorite spot for meatless eats, Choices Vegan Cafe, has given birth a new vegan eatery: Choices Kitchen, a spacious spot on NW 27th Ave.

The new arrival is a twist on the company's other two locales. Instead of a written menu, they'll be offering up a daily plate of vegan eats for $12.

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Photo courtesy of Lori Zito, Choices Kitchen
The Choices team has been utilizing the new space as a kitchen to prepare food for their locales in Brickell and the UES since January.

"It's a different concept -- more like a community kitchen," says Lori Zito, Sr. Director of Operations and Project Management.

"We have a a plate a day -- a set menu each day. There's no paper menu. It's a balanced plate of greens, grain, salad and it always comes with a cup of soup and organic iced tea," Zito adds.

Location Info

Choices Kitchen

711 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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