Kush: Burgers, Beer, and Bacon Brownies in Wynwood (Photos)

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All photos by Laine Doss
Baby remember my name...
Kush, the beer and burger joint that opened in Wynwood about two weeks ago, can best be described as Lokal's scrappy little brother.

Coconut Grove's Lokal is the more polished older sibling, while Kush has a younger, edgier feel. But there's no doubt, whatsoever, that the two restaurants share the same DNA.

Matt Kuscher, the "father" of both restaurants, if you will, has made sure of that. Although each of the locations has a different vibe, both have the same commitment to serving simple, quality food and craft beer. Kush's menu is short, serving only about a dozen or so items, but each one is made with fresh, local produce and Florida beef. How many burger and beer joints can proudly tout where their meat came from? (Kush's beef comes from Cowart Ranch in Sumpterville, Florida, weekly and is ground in-house, by the way.)

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Kush's offerings may be small, but there's something for everyone, with each pairing well with beer (naturally). Starters include Florida alligator bites ($12); hobo Frito pie ($5); and guacamole ($8). In addition to beef burgers, there's also a grilled cheese and tomato soup combo ($9); a pastrami ruben ($12); and a black bean burger ($10).

Pretty little taps, all in a row.
Of course, food is only half the reason to go to Kush. The other, of course, is the beer. Eighteen beers on tap, many of them local, are curated by David Rodriguez, along with an impressive array of bottled and canned beers ranging from a Miami Brewing Company Big Rod ($5) to a Rivertown Funk Vessel from Cincinnati ($30).

True dat!
On a recent Friday evening, the small joint, located at the southernmost point of Wynwood, was hopping, with people taking their beers outside for a smoke and to enjoy the Miami dusk or enjoying a post-workday burger. Short Order was invited back to try some other burgers and beer. Here's what we ate over the course of a few visits.

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2003 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL

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Tara Chadwick
Tara Chadwick

Mmm... wonder is Kush running on total renewable energy like LoKal?

T.j. Garcia
T.j. Garcia

What a dumb name for a burger joint.

Debi Simpson
Debi Simpson

Lokal is great! I can't wait to try Kush :)

Muri Alvarez
Muri Alvarez

DolfanMitch Rulz go try it. They've #Bacon

Bryan Croteau
Bryan Croteau

Special brownies and baggies of green, SOMEONE's ready for medicalization in Florida

Nicole Maceo
Nicole Maceo

That's the place I wanted to go Saturday! Renato Maceo

Kristina Alonso
Kristina Alonso

Joel Fajita Fajardo bro...bacon brownies. And beer. I'm just saying.

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