Paleo Vegan Is a Thing

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Oyster mushroom and baby bok choy curry.
Paleo diets are a meat lover's dream, because cavemen were total carnivores, right? Color us skeptical. After all, how easy do you really think it was to hunt wild boar? There was undoubtedly a lot of foraging for foodstuffs in our ancestors' daily diets.

And as it turns out, paleo is actually an option for vegans too. Vegan expert, marathoner, Floridian, and meatless Renaissance woman Ellen Jaffe Jones schools folks on the subject in her new cookbook, Paleo Vegan. So what exactly is a paleo vegan, and what can they eat? We spoke with Jones for answers to our burning questions.

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"The paleo diet is this romantic concept that we return to our Paleolithic era -- one to two million years ago up until 7,000 years ago, which was the beginning of agriculture," Jones explains.

"My concept to combine the two was to eliminate the animal protein and replace it with healthy plant-based proteins. Deleting the processed foods is something both ways of eating embrace."

She heard lots of rumblings that paleo and vegan couldn't coexist, so she decided to prove they could. Realistically, she says, our ancestors probably weren't heavy meat eaters.

"They didn't have a wild boar running through the yard three times a day, let alone the ability to catch it," Jones quips. And the women who stayed home while the men were out on hunts probably weren't able to procure much meat. "They were probably foraging around their immediate environs to be able to feed not only themselves, but children as well."

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