Taperia Raca: Spanish Tapas on the Upper Eastside (Photos)

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Photos by Carla Torres
Doesn't get any more Spanish than tortilla española.
In less than two years, Giorgio Rapicavoli has gone from executive chef at 660 at the Angler's and winning Chopped to making Eating House a pop-up-turned-Miami-mainstay that boasts lines down the block for Wakin-n-Bacon brunch and tang mimosas every Sunday. This past Friday, he -- along with partner and longtime friend Alex Casanova -- opened their second concept: a Spanish tapas joint named Taperia Raca.

Rapicavoli's Argentine-Italian background might have made an Italian eatery the obvious choice, but his time in the kitchens of Chispa, Por Fin, and 660 have prepped him well for this endeavor. Besides, there's really no other Spanish place in MiMo. Short Order headed there to try the dinner offerings. Pictures of tapas galore after the jump.

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The menu is divided in two parts -- hot and cold tapas -- with more than you could chew off in each category. Pan con tomate, boquerones (white anchovies), pulpo a la vinagreta, and cachetes de cerdo are some of the authentic Spanish offerings.

In Spain, gazpacho is a big part of the food culture. It's typical to have it daily and as a lead-in to every meal in a small, cup-size portion. We opted for a bowl of the cold summer soup, dubbed gazpacho de Merche ($7). We could have easily had another.

Ensalada de remolacha ($9) translates to beet salad, another dish that's ultra-Spanish. It boasts a Rapicavoli spin, though, with marcona almonds and fig vinegar drizzled on top of the salt-roasted beets. Like the gazpacho, it's cool and refreshing -- perfect for Raca's terrace.

Albaricoques con tocino ($8) wraps Ibérico cheese and apricots with honey in a nice bed of bacon. What more could you possibly want?

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Taperia Raca

7010 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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If you are visit the Spain so taste these tasty foods above foods are Famous food  of Spain. You can find these food in every reputed restaurant.  In these foods gazpacho is a  part of the Spanish food culture.



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