Top Ten Warning Signs You're Dating a Foodie

Foodies -- they're like regular people, only more obnoxious and food-obsessed. Relax, we can say that -- we wear our douche-baguette card like a sad badge of honor that we would steal from a little old lady holding the last marble rye.

Sure, Julia Child may have said, "People who love to eat are always the best people," but perhaps she never tried dating them. It's tougher than an overcooked octopus tentacle.

Just in case there was any doubt, here are the top ten warning signs you're dating a foodie.

10. Reservations Replace Gifts
Whether it's Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Easter brunch, or your birthday, your gift will always be a reservation. Foodies will announce the party size and time slot like they scored the winning basket with five seconds on the clock. At any given time, they will know how many OpenTable points they have and what restaurants are the 1,000-pointers.

Carina Ost
9. Constantly Chasing Food Trucks
Storm chasers and ambulance chasers have nothing on these mates. They probably joined Twitter to stalk monitor their favorite trucks. They always keep track of the fourth Wednesday of the month for the food truck festival in North Beach and head there with an attack plan. Even though the fest launched only a few months ago, they will speak fondly about frequenting Latin Burger & Taco long before it was brick-and-mortar.

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Chris Schaaff
Chris Schaaff

I poop alot. Idk if that makes me a foodie but I definitely eat a shitload

Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin

The New Times has done it again with one of the dumbest Top Ten's EVER!


Number 8: "They will also refer to this activity as the appetizer."

Made me laugh out loud. 

Logic Prophit
Logic Prophit

You also forgot. That day something taste good a foodie will day they've had better at such and such place

Gabriel Veg
Gabriel Veg

As long as they're vegan I don't care if they're a foodie or not.

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