Ten Rums We Loved at Rum Renaissance Festival 2014

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Photos by Laine Doss
Let's get bombed, not photo-bombed.
The afternoon I visited the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, the atmosphere was electric, and the air was perfumed with the sweet aroma of the spirit that thousands of people flocked to celebrate -- rum.

Pirates, tiki enthusiasts, and plain old rum lovers filled the main hall of the Miami Airport Convention Center in search of their favorite rum or cocktail. The only problem: How could they possibly choose from the 200 available rums for the sipping?

I took one for the team, tasting light coconut rums and dark, complex aged spirits until I came up with a list of the ten rums to look out for. Here they are.

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10. Gosling's Dark and Stormy in a Can
This classic Bermuda cocktail is now available in a handy pool-perfect can. A blend of Gosling's Black Seal Bermuda rum and ginger beer might be this summer's biggest hit. Available at most liquor stores for about $10 for a four-pack.

9. Mount Gay 1703
Although founded in 1703, the Mount Gay distillery might actually go back farther than that. As it is, it's the oldest known rum brand in existence. The company's 1703 premium selection is blended from the distillery's private reserves, with each rum aged ten to 30 years. The result is a spirit with deep tobacco, oak, and spicy notes. It's smooth but intense at the same time and retails for about $112.

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Miami Airport Convention Center

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Carmen Fanego
Carmen Fanego

I didn't try all of your top 10, but agree with the top 3, plus would include Pyrat, El Dorado, Vizcaya, and Don q Añejo.

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