TiramesU Closing on Lincoln Road After 17 Years, Moving to SoFi

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TiramesU is moving to SoFi.
After 17 years of serving al dente pasta alfresco, Lincoln Road staple TiramesU is closing its doors this Sunday, April 27.

Fans of the restaurant need not be despondent, however, because the family-style pasta place plans to reopen at 101 Washington Ave., reclaiming the SoFi neighborhood where it originally opened a quarter-century ago before moving to its Lincoln Road location in 1997.

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TiramesU is owned and managed by the Graspa Group, which also owns Spris and Segafredo on Lincoln Road. A spokesperson for Graspa Group said the restaurant's lease was set to expire at the end of the month, and an increase in rent and a desire to refresh the restaurant's look and menu prompted the move. The restaurant will move into the former Gold & Pepper space.

Spris, located on the same block as TiramesU, has a long-term lease and is not moving. According to the Graspa Group, Segafredo is alive and well and has no plans to leave Lincoln Road either.

Graspa Group recently closed its iconic Van Dyke Café on Lincoln Road. Van Dyke opened in 1994 and almost immediately became the heartbeat of Lincoln Road activity, offering brunch, cocktails, and live jazz before shuttering this past January. Racked reports that Van Michael Salon and possibly Lululemon will take its place.

Graspa Group's Graziano Sbroggio said TiramesU's move to SoFi is a positive one. "South of Fifth is a growing dining destination, and I'm very excited to be in the same neighborhood of many successful and internationally renowned restaurants."

When TiramesU reopens at its new location sometime in early fall, it will have a revamped menu, featuring modern takes on Italian classics by executive chef Fabrizio Pintus. The chef will, however, keep the restaurant's tradition of serving homemade pastas. Although the Lincoln Road location catered to many vacationers, the SoFi spot wants to attract locals. "I'd like for TiramesU to become your homey kitchen away from home," the chef says.

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Tiramesu - CLOSED

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Joseph Mazon
Joseph Mazon

Overall, this is a non-story, the place is moving 15 blocks south, so what? we'll find it. LOL

Dave Basora
Dave Basora

Who's the moron who thought "SoFi" is clever?

Julie Anne Isaacson
Julie Anne Isaacson

They started out on 5th St BEFORE they moved to Lincoln Rd, in the first place.

Ellen Berkman
Ellen Berkman

Another long time establishment forced out by the sky rocketing rents on Lincoln Rd. Once the only tenants that can afford to pay the outrageous rents are all big box restaurants and mall retailers, turning Lincoln Rd. into another Dadeland Mall, there will be no reason for anyone to utilize the once unique pedestrian road that Miami Beach residents have long loved and appreciated and tourists long flocked to. Lincoln Road's loss is yet another neighborhoods gain. Which is happening all too frequently, sadly.

DRAKEMALLARD.0 topcommenter

Good lord! According to the spetrolyzer, Spragel's secret ingredient  ordinary water, laced with nothing more than a few spoonfuls of LSD.  I can't believe you people are trying to pass of frozen food as cooked food and then willing to over charge people. Freaking ridiculous. dont waste your time...find a local pizza shop and go there

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