R House "Sunday Sauce" Brunch Adds Music and Bottomless Booze to the Mix

All photos by Carla Torres
Since its opening in January, R House has fused food and art. Now, with their recent addition of "Sunday Sauce" brunch service, they are adding music to that assembly of creative expression. DJs will rotate the turntables during the Sunday brunch and music series.

The $35 per person brunch includes your choice of one appetizer and one entrée. Like all good brunches know, bottomless booze is a necessity on Sundays, especially when you're sitting outside in Miami's warm weather and jamming to some tunes. R House has plenty of booze options to choose from so that no man is left dry. Short Order was invited to sample the "Sunday Sauce" brunch. Pictures after the jump.

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For $35 dollars per person, you can choose from a selection of appetizers plus one choice of the dishes. Dessert bites cost an additional $3 each. What seems like an unlimited array of appetizers to choose from comes with a contingency. Our server cut us off at three for two people. The good news is, this seems to have been a unique case. R House's Owen Bale told us today that though servers ask diners to order three at a time, they can order another three, and another three, etc, each round.

You can go bottomless with mimosas, bloody marys, or bloody Maria's for $22. Dish out $8 more and you can get endless pourings of the R House cilantro martini (cucumber infused vodka, muddled cilantro and St. Germain elderflower liqueur) or Byejoe sangria. Like a good neighbor, R House supports Wynwood Brewing Company and to show for it, they're serving up a michelada spiced to perfection for just $5. We recommend either the michelada or the bloody mary, which is infused with bacon and has a bacon-salted rim. If you're into drinking and eating, the brunch and bottomless drink special will save you 5 dollars at $52 per person.

The appetizer section includes options like Yukon gold home-style potatoes with caramelized onions and fresh herbs and roasted vegetable scramble, featuring zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, red onions, gruyere cheese, and chives. We skipped the veggies and opted for something a little heavier: Lobster mac and cheddar cheese. There's no lack of lobster in this offering of pasta drenched in cheddar.

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Joanna Pietrowski
Joanna Pietrowski

I am looking forward to going to R House Wynwood when I am in Miami area. Have heard only great reviews from family. Missy n her mom and sister have declared it SUPER!!

Shannon Pena
Shannon Pena

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Sheila Sea

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From the R House team, thanks for the great review! Appetisers really are unlimited. It's 3 apps each time you order a round of apps - you can order 3, then another 3, then another 3 etc until you can't eat any more!! See you again soon :-)

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