Yardbird Midnight Chef's Table Series with Michael Laukert

All photos by Carla Torres
Friday night we skipped dinner and saved our appetite for Yardbird's Midnight Chef's Table Series, which featured Chef Michael Laukert of Hundred Acre Wine Group. The series invites chefs to collaborate with 50 Eggs culinary director Clayton Millier to create a four-course meal.

Short Order was invited to attend and get taste of the collaboration over the weekend. Pictures after the jump.

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Michael Laukert racks up more than 25 years of culinary experience, from chef and food consultant to author of One True Vine: A Journal of Food, Wine, and Life. His ultimate goal is creating memories that revolve around and stem from food and indulging in a great meal. As he told us at the end of our dinner "now you'll go home, but each and every one of you will have this memory forever. It's more than just dinner." Indeed it was.

Dinner was paired with Hundred Acre's award-winning wines. Attendees celebrated the strike of midnight and their arrival by starting the night (or day) with an old fashioned. Not just your average old fashioned. This rendition of the classic cocktail was made with Duke, bourbon made using John Wayne's 40-year-old recipe. We got an exclusive preview of the spirit and, we must say, it was pleasantly palatable.

For the first course, Laukert thinly shaved fennel with onions, fava beans, toasted pistachios, local honey, and nut oil dressing. A representation of embracing springtime and Napa Valley, it was a simple and light dish filled with refreshing flavors.

Miller was responsible for the second course and opted to go the carnivore route. A "beef duo" ground beef sirloin tartare with house ketchup, red onion, tomatillo and egg yolk was a standout, and easily one of the best renditions of tartare I've ever had.

Smoked and roasted bone marrow was succulent and fatty, as it should be. Served alongside an onion jam and some toast, all three combined made for a perfect bite.

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Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

1600 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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