Almond Milk Lattes & Ice Cream Sundaes: A Vegan's Guide to Tallahassee

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac
Vegan chocolate cake at Nefetari's
North Florida is pretty awesome. People who dismiss anywhere above Boca as a no-man's-land are missing out on some of the Sunshine State's best assets, from gorgeous green forests to super-friendly folks, to totally unique eateries. Our state's capital, for example, has lots of amazing vegan options -- probably thanks to those progressive college kids. Gotta love the young'uns.

After lots of trips to Tallahassee to visit my mom (and hang with wildlife), I've gotten the lay of the land as far as vegan eats. So here's my quick guide to meatless eating in the city where Rick Scott lives (shudder). Enjoy.

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac
Morning coffee
Pop into the Lake Ella-adjacent Black Dog Cafe for an almond milk latte and a vegan chocolate chip cookie. Steal a seat on the patio and get a gander at the many Muscovy ducks, squirrels, Canadian geese, and turtles that call the lake their abode. Oh, and in springtime: Ducklings. THE CUTENESS. 229 Lake Ella Dr. 850-224-2518

Try a vegan version of the grits bowl at Uptown Cafe. This adorable little spot has the best patio ever, and the uber-friendly staffers will bend over backwards to accommodate you -- vegan or otherwise. Pooches welcome on the patio, too. 1325 Miccosukee Rd. 850-219-9800

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