Biscayne Tavern Offers New Weekday Lunch Special, Plus a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Courtesy of Kari Steinberg
The tavern burger does not play.

If you're looking for a meal deal that doesn't skimp on service or flavor, check out the new "speedy weekday lunch special" at Biscayne Tavern in downtown Miami.

Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., the casual eatery is offering your choice of one of its seasonal salads or savory sandwiches for $13.50. You also get one thick, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie "to go" -- a rule that isn't strictly enforced. If you ask nicely, you can eat your cookie before you head back to work.

We were recently invited to gauge whether or not this lunch special was the real deal, so we popped in for a quick lunch.

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Courtesy of Kari Steinberg
Biscayne Tavern attempts to sweeten the deal with a chocolate chip cookie.
Entrées offered as part of the lunch special are normally priced between $13 and $21. Even at regular price, most of them are worth checking out but at a discount of up to $7.50 per dish -- plus a free cookie -- the fresh, locally-sourced menu items do make for a decent lunch special.

Particularly impressive was the "Tavern Burger," a juicy slab of grass-fed beef that somewhat dominates a Martin's potato roll. At first the patty looks a bit small, but it's tall rather than wide, and delicious meat drippings burst into your mouth with every bite. A sweet and savory remoulade schmear nullifies the need for ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise. Served with either regular or sweet potato fries, this makes for one serious lunch.

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Biscayne Tavern

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